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Businesses todays would face difficulties and challenges if still relying on concentric growth, that’s why many companies invest in innovation, to bring out creative ideas to serve customer needs and generate revenues for the firms. However, best ideas are not necessarily come from innovative technology, only if you understand the context of your current business, spot the right problems and take opportunity at the right time, small changes could bring you great impact.

Gear Up framework hereby acts as medical device that will diagnose your business, so you would know how to cure it, how to prevent illness, and how to improve your business health.

Gear Up Asia offers training and seminar for participants to get familiar with this practical Gear Up framework. The training courses have 3 variations that corporates can select as appropriate.


A one-day training course that teaches all basic knowledge about Gear Up, its 9 gears and relative examples, how the gears are synced to be used in the real business world.


As its name suggested, this is a two-day training course that does not only cover the fundamental knowledge of Gear Up, but also provide in-class exercise to engage participants. With the case exercise, participants will be able to apply what they have learned in class and get the idea of how to apply the framework in the real business case.


A two-day training course that customized specially to the industry the participants are in, providing real business case examples of domestic and international firms. This course aims to foster new ideas and business innovation from the participants and to bring those ideas a step further after the training.

English version | Thai version


“It is quite successful in terms of it is the useful and practical knowledge that our business people can utilize it and be motivated to find the new business opportunity. Also the professional delivery way from both trainers (Ajan Tanai and Khun Patiwat) is so impressive and fun, so it makes this class is one of our best soft skill training.”

Sumitomo (Suwattana S., HRD)

“Thank you very much for these past two days. The course is very useful as it allows us to think holistically and see a better picture.”

Sumitomo (Note Nayok, Participant)

“9 Gears that drive your business even faster. It can either improve performance acceleration, multiply your organisation capability. Therefore, it deserves to find out now.”

PTTGC (Patchara R., Corporate planning)