Get the right people on the bus


Getting the right people on the bus is not an easy thing. The biggest asset you have when starting and growing your business is the people, i.e., the team. Nothing can take precedence over the core value of having exceptionally good talent and team members who can deliver. The Innovator and the Evangelist are usually the first two on the team but as soon as the business starts to grow it is of outmost importance to add the personas of Producer, Administrator, and Integrator. Now you can visualise your Dream Team but before you go ahead and invite them there are a few questions you should answers. If you answer is NO on any of the questions below you need to reassess your team.


  • - Do you have world-class talent with the right attitude on this team?
  • - Have you set the bar high enough and refused to “settle” in selecting team?
  • - Do you have the courage to throw people off the bus?
  • - Do you DNA for this venture mirrored by the team? (i.e.,) you are not trying to make bankers out of bikers)
  • - Can the Evangelist step off the bus for a while and know that the team will steer the bus in the right direction?


Fill you bus with the right people, or your are going nowhere.