Can’t ride with them can’t sell to them.


Passion has to be translated to a Pain among a large enough set of potential customers who are prepared to pay for having their Pain cured. Without a Pain and a large enough base of Customers. The only way of finding out if your idea for a venture is valid or not is to interact with potential customers, partners, investors, and other stakeholders. It’s not always the right strategy to ask the customer for advice. Remember to observe, live their lives, and find our if there is a Pain out there that you might cure. Also remember: If you can ride with them, you can sell to them! If your answer is NO on any one of the questions below, you need to keep on working with this gear.


  • - Have your fond a Pain that is shared by many? (How do you know that?)
  • - Do you and your team have the Passion to take on this Pain?
  • - Do you know who your first customers are?
  • - Can you make a prototype that confirms your customers’ pain?
  • - Can you ride with your customers?… and then there is Delight!


Ride with your customers and understand their pain. Then convert it to a solution.