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Taokaenoi produces seaweed snack and other snacks. The company is a market leader of seaweed snack in Thailand with over 60% market share, over 2 billion Baht annual revenue, and has exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. This family-owned SME has turned themselves into a public company within 10 years and aims to achieve 10 billion Baht revenues within the next 5-10 years. Prior to their IPO, we were asked to use Gear Up to help them formulate a 5-year business plan. Thus, we had helped their internal management, production capacity and international market penetration plan to support their future expansion. Gear Up framework, especially these four gears of customer acquisition, partners, go global and team, allows us and the client to clearly identify pains and auspicious, so that we can effectively fix the problems and plan for company’s strategic growth.